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Draft a Legally Compliant Company Policy Handbook

Policies and procedures are essential parts of any business as a roadmap for day-to-day operations. A company handbook is a combination of instruction and protection. It details the company’s mission and values which is crucial for new hires and a resource for seasoned employees to avoid inconsistencies. It is a document that communicates what the company expects from employees and educates them about their roles and responsibilities.

 A well-written company policy handbook should include a description of the various entitlements in compliance with federal and state laws regarding leaves of absence, such as the Family Medical Leave Act, a military leave policy, a disability leave, paid time off, and the company’s benefits package. There should be a policy and procedure to address workplace disputes. It is best to resolve complaints with an internal complaint and investigation procedure proactively.

A Handbook includes Permitted and Prohibited Conduct in the Workplace

 An employee handbook is a tool that details the policies and procedures specific to an organization, setting clear expectations for employee rights and obligations. Federal or state laws do not require a handbook. However, they can help protect a company against lawsuits and liability claims such as harassment, discrimination, and wrongful termination. Among other items, a handbook may include the usage of company technology, expected conduct of the staff, substance abuse policies, timekeeping, work breaks, and the confidentiality of business information. A section on termination of employment addresses the practices in place for employees leaving the company.

Let Us Streamline the Internal Processes of Your Business

The growing incidence of employee-related litigation suggests that written company policy is a business necessity. To avoid the pitfalls of a poorly written document, consulting a business law attorney is within a company’s best interest. At the Myers Law Group, P.A., we ensure that your policies and procedures are compliant with the most current state and federal labor laws. For example, many businesses are subject to the Occupational Safety and Health Act. In this case, the employee handbook should detail safety compliance rules for these companies, including procedures for reporting injuries and accidents.

A well-written handbook can shield a company from an employee who seeks to make a legal claim. A signed receipt of a handbook ensures that an employee has been informed of the company policies and procedures. In the event of a claim against your company, our attorneys at the Myers Law Group, P.A. have powerful negotiation skills and extensive trial experience with civil litigation and criminal defense background.

At the Myers Law Group, P.A., we know that every company and every industry is unique. We can customize or update a handbook for your business that complies with all state and federal laws. We want to provide maximum protection for your workplace. Call the Myers Law Group, P.A.at our DeLand, Florida office at 386-873-7835. We represent businesses in Volusia, Seminole, and Orange Counties, Florida.


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