Estate Planning

No matter your stage in life or your plans for the future; everyone needs basic Estate Planning documents. Many clients have questions surrounding what Estate Planning documents they need.  Do I need a will? Is my Will up-to-date? What is the difference between a Will and a Living Will? How can I avoid Probate? Below are some basic Estate Planning documents we recommend when considering Estate Planning.


Your Last Will and Testament is specific and custom to you. What you intend to leave to your family, loved ones, friends and even favorite charities is important to put in writing. A vast majority of Floridians pass away without even a basic Will. Having a Last Will and Testament drafted and properly executed is important to ensure your wishes are carried out without confusion, conflict or delay.

Living Will

A Living Will is an essential Estate Planning document to have on file. A Living Will can alleviate loved ones from having to make crucial medical decisions on your behalf. With a Living Will you have put your preferences in writing and there is no confusion or conflict when your family is presented with tough decisions. 

Medical Surrogate Power of Attorney

No one can predict when a medical emergency will occur. Being adequately and thoroughly prepared for all of life’s twists and turns will put your mind and the minds of your loved ones at ease. A Medical Surrogate Power of Attorney gives your designated agent the authority to act on your behalf for medical purposes if you become suddenly or gradually incapacitated or unable to communicate with your medical professionals.

General Power or Attorney

A General Power of Attorney gives your designated agent the authority to act on your behalf and in your best interest should you become incapacitated or unable to perform legal obligations. Keep your records up-to-date by having a General Power of Attorney as part of your Estate Planning documents.

Revocable Trust

Creating a Revocable Trust is a great Estate Planning document to plan for your future. Many people utilize this Estate Planning tool to title certain assets. Does creating a Revocable Trust make sense for your Estate Planning goals?

Irrevocable Trust

An Irrevocable Trust is an Estate Planning tool that can own and protect certain assets. Irrevocable Trusts help prepare your family for success. There are tax implications with creating certain Trusts, so seeking a tax professional is essential. If you and your family decide an Irrevocable Trust is right for you, schedule an Estate Planning consultation today!