Family Law

Dissolution of Marriage or Divorce

Divorce is one of the most difficult seasons in a person’s life. If you want to build your best family remember these three things:

Hire the Right Attorney
You and your spouse should each hire a competent and qualified Marital and Family Law Attorney.  Hiring the right legal representation can help ensure the best possible outcome for you and your family. Divorce is a complicated legal procedure and, if not done correctly, your rights could be compromised.

Be Resolution Oriented
You know your family best! Throughout the divorce process many factors are in play; child custody, timesharing, and child support. What happens to the house? How do you split retirement accounts? To build your best family it is imperative to have an open mind. Try to walk through the divorce process with the goal of resolution.

Remember it is in The Best Interest of the Child
When children are involved their welfare is of the utmost importance. Florida Courts approach every case with this in mind! Keeping the same perspective will help you and your attorney make the best decisions for your family.

Child Custody and Child Support

Timesharing Schedules are the most important issue out of a Divorce or Paternity proceeding. Paying or receiving the right amount of Child Support can determine the future emotional and financial success of you and your family.


Who can get Alimony? How much? For how long? Florida Courts still award Alimony in certain situations. It is imperative to retain a qualified Family Law Attorney to determine whether or not you might be eligible for an award of Alimony. 


Dads have rights! Establishing Paternity can be convoluted and sometimes confusing. Do not give up on the rights you might have. All parents could be entitled to timesharing, decision making and appropriate support orders. Hire a Family Law Attorney to build your best family!


Have you ever considered Adoption? In Florida thousands of children are eligible for Adoption every day! Navigating the waters of Adoption can be difficult. Do you want to adopt internationally? Locally? Would your family prefer a private adoption or do you want to adopt a child from the Foster Care System? Maybe you are looking into a Step-Parent Adoption. All the roads to adoption need the guidance only a Family Law Attorney can provide. Build your best family through Adoption!

Injunctions for Protection and Domestic Violence

Are you or is someone you know being physically, sexually or emotionally abused by a spouse or loved one? Protect yourself and protect your family. If you are in mediate danger call 9-1-1. Obtaining an Injunction or ‘protective order’ is an important way to protect yourself. Do you qualify for one? You must apply in writing and then you must appear at a temporary hearing and ultimately a permanent hearing. Hire an experienced Family Law Attorney to guide you through this procedure.