Client-Facing Contracts

Client-Facing Contracts Provide Legal Protections

Client-facing contracts are also known as customer-facing or consumer-facing agreements. These are legally binding documents between a business and its customers regarding services or the delivery of goods. Having a formal agreement in place facilitates a smooth transaction, as the parties have a mutual understanding of the terms and conditions of the arrangement. When dealing with a dispute, a business needs the many legal protections these documents offer. A well-crafted, tailored agreement is used to outline and enforce terms or conditions should a dispute arise.
Having an experienced contract law attorney draft a client-facing agreement ensures that the document protects the interests of the business. The Downer Law carefully evaluates all the aspects of an industry when drafting or reviewing a contract. State laws and industry regulations are ever-changing, and the contracts need to reflect the latest legislation and regulations. With nearly two decades of collective experience in business law, our legal team provide a fresh and objective perspective on a company’s business transactions. Our unbiased counsel fiercely protects the legal rights and interests of our clients.

Oral Versus Written Agreements

An enforceable contract consists of an offer for goods or services and the subsequent exchange of goods, services, or money. Although it is possible to engage in an oral contract for some transactions, Florida law requires written contracts for specific business dealings. Examples are the sale of real estate, goods priced over five hundred dollars, home improvement contracts, health care guarantees, and credit agreements. While oral contracts can be enforceable, they are difficult to prove in a court of law. Under some circumstances, Florida law allows consumers to cancel an agreement within 72 hours, such as home solicitation sellers. However, it is advisable to have a contract rescission or early termination clause written into a contract.

Contract Disputes

Breaches of contract are common in the corporate world and can threaten the stability of a business. A contract written or reviewed by an experienced lawyer is more likely to be honored in a court of law. A poorly written contract or a non-existent contract has significant impacts on the outcome of a dispute and can result in very costly litigation. Examples of contract breaches are the failure of a business to provide goods or services, failure to meet deadlines, failure of a client to make payments, or misinterpretation of a contract’s terms and conditions. Contracts are not enforceable if they are signed under coercion, fraud, or mental duress. When a party lacks mental capacity, such as mental illness or intoxication, they can dispute the contract. Additionally, a contract is not enforceable if it involves an illegal act or a business transaction with a minor.

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At the Downer Law, we help clients understand their rights and obligations when drafting a client-facing contract. We review established contracts to identify risks and problematic provisions. If our clients face a contract dispute, we are skilled in negotiations and always prepared to represent their interests in a court of law. Our clients include entrepreneurs, start-ups, small and large businesses, established companies, and not-for-profit entities. We represent various industries and leverage our experience to help our clients navigate confidently and successfully down their chosen corporate path.

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