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Employment contracts are legal documents that detail the binding terms between an employee and an employer. They include the rights and obligations of both parties. The provisions included in an employment agreement are for the protection and security of the employer and the employee. Once an employment agreement is signed, both parties must abide by its terms and conditions. Before an agreement is signed, the employee has the option of negotiating with the prospective employer.
Employment agreements are complex. If you are a business owner in need of drafting or revising an employment contract, our employment law attorneys can craft a document that anticipates future issues to protect and avoid workplace problems. If you are a prospective employee required to sign an employment agreement as a condition of hire, we can review the contract to ensure that you do not agree to unfavorable terms. In a workplace dispute that leads to litigation, we are seasoned litigators for employers and employees in a full range of labor matters.

Employment contracts vary widely from industry to industry.

However, there are basic topics that are common for most types of employment. Some of these include:

Contract Violations

A breach of contract occurs when the employee or the employer fails to perform their duties under the contract terms. When a violation occurs, the non-breaching party may be entitled to damages in a court of law. If dispute resolution is included in the contract, it is necessary to follow the procedure outlined in the agreement.

Examples of Common Remedies are:

Trustworthy Counsel from our Employment Law Attorneys

Our legal team at Downer Law, have unique insight for both businesses and employees in contract negotiations, disputes, and lawsuits for various industries. We have a broad range of experience in business transactions, employment law, and criminal defense. Our legal team protect our clients’ interests while complying with state, federal, and local laws. We understand both sides of employment matters and know how to safeguard our clients’ rights.

If you need to draft or revise an employment agreement or are concerned about signing an employment agreement, contact the Downer Law, in our DeLand, Florida office.

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