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Legal Counsel for Not-For-Profit Organizations

A Not-For-Profit charitable organization is a corporation that does not distribute profits to the owners. Revenue earned or donated is used to pursue the company’s mission, which may be for public safety, scientific, religious, or humanitarian purposes. Examples of Not-For-Profit organizations are religious houses of worship, food pantries, animal rescues, universities, hospitals, and cultural institutions. The Internal Revenue Service offers tax-exempt status for corporations that meet specific criteria. The organization is exempt from sales taxes, property taxes, and state corporate income taxes if an application is approved.
Committed to working with individuals and corporations, the Downer Law has provided counsel for Not-For-Profit organizations. We have the depth of knowledge and experience necessary to provide strategies and services that will facilitate the mission and purpose of your organization. Our services create the proper foundation for your organization to flourish.

We are Dedicated to Serving the Legal Needs of the Not-For-Profit Sector

At the Downer Law, we work with the founders of an organization to draft, amend, and adopt the policies and procedures that comply with state and federal regulations. Our legal team files applications at the state and federal levels to achieve an organization’s tax-exempt status. We reapply for organizations that have allowed their tax-exempt status to lapse. To achieve and maintain this status, the Internal Revenue Service scrutinizes and audits the structure and programs of an organization to ensure its continued compliance. It is vital to have the legal support of an experienced business law attorney.

We offer a Comprehensive Array of Legal Services for Not-For-Profit Organizations.

Examples include but are not limited to:

The Downer Law Supports Day-to-Day Operations and Paves the Way for the Organization’s Growth

Our legal team stays current on the ever-changing obligations and challenges of Not-For-Profit organizations. To ensure compliance with state and federal regulations, we regularly counsel clients regarding policies and procedure manuals, and handbooks for best practices. When necessary, we provide legal representation for disputes through negotiations and litigation. 

In addition to working directly with Not-For-Profit business clients and their Board of Directors, we offer services for those who wish to leave a legacy to a charitable organization. Families may wish to start a charitable trust or create a family foundation to help a charity further its goals. While benefiting the community, they are minimizing their tax burdens for themselves and their heirs.

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