Foster Care Adoption

Grow Your Family through Foster Care Adoption

Adoption establishes a legal parent-child relationship between an adoptive parent and an adoptee. It is a beautiful way to grow your family while providing a loving, safe, and stable home environment for a child in need. Being a positive role model impacts the future of a child and enhances the community. There are several avenues to pursue in adopting a child, such as a private agency adoption, relative adoption, or the state’s child welfare system. Foster care children from the Florida Department of Children and Families eligible for adoption are those whom the courts have terminated the parents’ parental rights.

Do I Need an Attorney to Adopt?

In Florida, it is a requirement to have an attorney to finalize an adoption from foster care. For nearly two decades, the Downer Law has successfully assisted countless families with foster care adoption proceedings. Adoption is a complex decision with many legal ramifications, and the process can be overwhelming for clients. Our goal is to provide each of our clients with skilled legal guidance to reach their adoptive goals. We ensure that our clients meet all the legal requirements for a smooth transition in the adoption process.

Foster Care Adoption Offers Benefits and Ongoing Support for Families including:

Florida Adoption Process

Florida requires those interested in adopting a child to have a home study and inspection. It is an assessment of the prospective family to evaluate the health, financial status, and background to ensure their eligibility. Background checks are done to check for any history of criminal convictions, child abuse, neglect, or domestic violence. A counselor meets with the prospective adoptive parents to assess their motivations for adoption and their emotional stability. These prospective parents must attend the Model Approach to Partnership in Parenting, a training course offered by Florida, and the Parents’ Resources for Information Development Education preparation class. At the final adoption hearing, the judge awards the adoptive parents’ parental rights of a child.

Contact Family Law Attorneys that Care

Choosing to adopt is an exciting step in a family’s journey, but many challenges and overwhelming emotions can arise. If you plan to adopt or have already started the process, contact the Downer Law for a thorough review of your options. Our knowledgeable and dedicated attorneys can assist you through the process.

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