Foster Parenting

Foster Parent Advocacy and Legal Representation

Becoming a foster parent is a life-changing decision. It is a commitment that comes with many responsibilities and obligations. Beyond the challenges, it is a gratifying experience, knowing that you have helped a dependent child during a difficult time in their life. The journey to becoming a foster parent includes:

There are Different Levels of Foster Care Licensure Depending on the Needs of the Child, including:

Protecting the Rights of Foster Parents

An experienced and knowledgeable foster care attorney is essential to protect the rights of foster parents at case conferences and court hearings. In navigating child welfare law, foster parents need to advocate for themselves and the child placed under their care. A foster parent has the right to access the child welfare agency, the court system, and those who make decisions for the child. They have a right to be involved in developing or changing the case plan and the right to request a case conference with the caseworker, birth parents, teachers, counselors, and others involved with the child, as necessary.

In a court hearing, the foster parent may submit written statements or testify to advise the court about what they perceive is best for the child. Other rights include financial reimbursement for foster parents’ services and the right to refuse the placement of a child or the removal of a child from their home. Additionally, a foster parent should have priority consideration if a foster child becomes available for adoption. If you feel that your rights have been violated as a foster parent, the Downer Law can help.

Foster Parents are Vulnerable to Allegations of Abuse, Neglect, and Licensing Violations

Allegations against foster parents or members of their family by a foster child are common. In addition, a foster child’s birth parents may make allegations against the foster parents, as they believe this will help them regain custody of their child. Concerns about the safety and welfare of children in foster care homes are serious matters. An investigation in a foster care home can be distressing and frightening. The foster parent is at risk of losing their foster care license, reputation, and even more severe criminal charges. Foster families undergoing an investigation should consult legal representation immediately.

The Downer Law is an Experienced Family Law and Criminal Defense Law Firm

We understand the challenges of foster parents and are committed to protecting their rights. Foster parents open their homes, giving families time to heal, reunite, or come to terms with adoption. If you are a foster parent and believe your rights have been violated, contact our law firm for advocacy and aggressive representation. If you are a foster parent under investigation for abuse, neglect, or licensing violations, we will listen. Whether the allegations are proven or unsubstantiated, our family law and criminal defense background will ensure that we fight for the best possible outcome.

Our office is located in DeLand, Florida, and we serve clients in Volusia, Seminole, and Orange Counties, Florida. We know the child welfare system in Florida and the risks that foster parents encounter. We have proven results in protecting their rights.

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