The joys and benefits of adoption are immeasurable. For many, it is an opportunity to experience parenting and expand their family. It may be a long-awaited answer for couples that struggle with infertility or same-sex couples who want to raise a child together. Single adults that can nurture and provide for a child may adopt. Step-parents that already have a strong and loving bond with their spouse’s children may adopt. In addition to enriching the adoptive parents’ lives, adoption is an opportunity to provide a stable home for a child. Every child is entitled to a loving and supportive family for life.

There are several types of Adoption in Florida:

The adoption process is a complicated legal matter. Therefore, it is vital to have a dedicated Florida adoption attorney to guide the process. Whether you are the prospective adoptive parents or a birth mother contemplating adoption for your child, the Downer Law can provide help. Our law firm explains the adoption laws, protects our clients’ rights, and assists in the legal process. We are passionate about placing a child in the right adoptive home.

Open and Closed Adoptions

These arrangements concern the relationship between the adoptive parents and the biological parents. Each type has its benefits and challenges. The parties involved must be very clear about their expectations when choosing one or the other.

Open adoption typically means the birth parents and the adoptive parents have contact before and after the adoption process. It is the most common arrangement today. It entitles a child to learn about their family background and can help with their struggles of identity. The biological parents can maintain contact to share updated health information with the child. Many adoptive parents and biological parents develop meaningful relationships. However, there can be difficulties along the way. Open adoptions can be tailored to the needs of both families and the child.

In a closed adoption, the biological parents and the adoptive parents have no contact. Some adoptive parents prefer this method, as they are concerned about the biological parents being intrusive and co-parenting the child. Some biological parents choose this arrangement as they wish to move forward following the birth of the child. Closed adoptions have become rare in the United States, as studies have supported open adoption as beneficial for the well-being and development of the child.

How do I start the Adoption Process?

The adoption process is governed by the Florida Department of Children and Families. To become eligible to adopt a child, a prospective parent must have a home study done by an adoption worker. This study determines if they can provide a child with a safe and secure home. In addition, there will be an orientation presentation and a chance to meet with adoptive parents and counselors, followed by training and preparation courses.

Role of an Attorney in Adoption

At the Downer Law, we protect our clients’ rights through the entire adoption process. Some of our services include preparing the legal paperwork and attending all necessary court appearances on behalf of our clients. We stay current on the local, state, national, and international laws that govern adoptions in Florida, interstate, and out of the country. Our legal team negotiate the terms of the adoption and provide ongoing legal counsel, handling disputes or legal actions that may arise. We complete all tasks that facilitate the adoption process, taking every proactive step to get your child home.

The legal process of adoption is complex and can present many obstacles and challenges. We want to make your dream a reality. Contact us at our office for a consultation. We represent clients in Volusia, Seminole, and Orange Counties, Florida.

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We represent clients in Volusia, Seminole, and Orange county.

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